Connectwith Every Client

cc:Clients creates and delivers customized electronic marketing products with curated news content relevant to you and your clients.  Our e-mail newsletters, microsites and news feeds allow you to connect with your clients and prospects regularly and frequently.

Our turnkey content marketing products complement and amplify your existing marketing activities, allowing you to leverage the investment you’ve already made in creating marketing content.  Written a press release?  Excerpt it in a cc:Clients-powered e-newsletter or embed it in a targeted microsite or RSS feed — all of which are enhanced by the “secret ingredient” of highly relevant, timely news from cc:Clients.

Through our unique Editorial DNA℠ process, we identify news articles that are relevant to your practice and make them available to you and your clients in an attractive and accessible format that promotes your firm’s brand.

Together, our curated news and your firm announcements make it easy to connect with clients in a way that is incredibly effective and virtually effortless.

An electronic newsletter from cc:Clients is a customized, graphical e-mail delivered weekly from your firm to your clients and prospects, containing news excerpts about a selected practice area plus news and announcements from your produces and distributes each weekly issue on behalf of your firm utilizing your existing resources and requiring little or no effort from your firm’s professionals or staff. A cc:Clients e-mail newsletter is at least 70% less expensive than a firm-produced, hard-copy newsletter — and offers numerous other advantages, too.
Want a blog, but concerned about whether you’ll be able to keep it up to date with timely, relevant content? A cc:Clients microsite might be just the answer. Based on the popular WordPress blogging platform, a cc:Clients microsite is a small, self-contained website, perfect for showcasing a practice group or industry area. cc:Clients will help populate the microsite by furnishing curated news content on a regular basis. You can supplement the microsite with your own content or commentary at any time.
If it’s flexibility you need, cc:Clients delivers. In addition to providing curated news embedded in an e-newsletter or microsite, we can also provide the same news content in standardized formats such as RSS and XML. Use this feed option to provide an RSS version of your e-mail newsletter or even to integrate news content into other marketing projects (e.g. internal current awareness systems).